Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ugly Bitch!

Never in my life has I ever perceive someone as ugly. But now, every time I see someone that might resemble her, or dress like her, or simply reminds me of her, I can only see ugliness. So ugly that I had to turn my head so as not to puke. No, not in the physique as I am no prejudice. But in the soul I know she possess.
Because only someone with a heart so ugly will ever hurt another woman. A woman whose only crime is to love the man who is hers.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

An Plastic Heart

The heart I was born with was badly crushed. It was deemed useless because it kept on aching and aching. So I had a heart transplant. I had it replaced with a plastic heart. A fake heart. The kind of heart that has no feelings. Now everything is fake. A fake smile, a fake laugh. A plastic heart.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Wife Should be Respected

There is this organisation called the Obedient Wives Club which came under fire recently due to their activities. According to them social ills such as prostitution, domestic abuse, etc were caused by wives who were not obedient to their husbands and failed to satisfy them sexually unlike “first-class prostitutes”. So, now they are offering courses to teach wives to become “first-class prostitutes”.
What the....??? Since when a wife's role is being degraded to the level of prostitute? Does giving a husband first-class service in bed the solution to such problems? Such stupid women!
What about men who are jerks? Who have no respect towards women? Who do not fulfill their responsibilities as husbands and fathers? Do you think by making them satisfied in bed would make them less being jerks and be respectful and be responsible?
For once, I'm not going to suggest anything. Why? Because this is a group of such narrow-minded and stupid women. You people can live in your own fantasies of solving problems by spreading your legs.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Music Video for American Market? What Crap!

I just have to write about this. There is this infamous music video being watched widely performed by a singer I have never heard before and directed by a guy I've heard only once or twice in some gossip columns. A Prema Yin Ranee and Gambit Saifullah. Err... who?
It is said to be too raunchy for the local audience. In response to the huuhaah, the director said, “The video is made for the United States market and not for local audience,” adding that it was for Malaysians to judge for themselves whether this was acceptable.
OMG, what kind of response is that? I have watched it a few times. Why? Not because it's good. Two reasons actually - 1. they shot the video in this very nice house - I lurve the deco; 2. it is such a horrible music video - passable vocal, the singer is a terrible dancer, the make-up and costumes so ugly, the storyline was so stupid - I watched it to get a good laugh :).
Anyway, a huge round of applause to them because the controversy really makes the song and the video so famous it has surpassed 300,000 views on YouTube. Excellent PR. Well, not due to good reasons but still... good one.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Curshed Heart...

This thing is killing me from inside. Many, many times I just want to run far, far away. To a solitary place by a beach where I can walk with waves crashing at my feet. A place where I can throw my crushed heart into the sea. And hope that a new heart will grow.
And be healed.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Giving It Another Shot

Happy times surpassed sad times. That's the basis of my judgement for giving this marriage another chance. I took 2 weeks leave from my marriage. Put my wedding ring on top of my jewelery box. And put on this - "whatever" attitude. I spent nights sitting in the garden looking at the stars. It was such a big decision. After almost a decade of being together, taking the break seemed liberating.
But there were many things that I missed. Our talks, our laughs, our worries, our happiness... I finally decided that the bitch was not worth it. If she was, my Cheating Husband would have left me for her.
That final night, I took my wedding ring and wore it back on my finger. My Cheating Husband saw it, took me in his arms and we kissed.
We are giving this a second chance...